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BEI Capital is the proud business management and operations consultancy partner for beicommunity.

beicommunity is a network of businesses, companies, technology platforms, thought-leaders, creatives, experts, educators, professionals - all committed to making a world a better place.
The service, events and programs provided by beicommunity are guided with the unique acronym of HAHATHERE. This acronym is the source of inspiration for which beicommunity creates its network and works with its partners and clients to achieve our goals together.
Think of this acronym like the centre of a tree ring, allowing partners and clients within the beicommunity to expand into alternative and new avenues for investments.
Together with beicommunity, we have provided partners and clients with:
  • Business management services
  • Real estate consultancy
  • Social entertainment events and coordination
  • Hotel and restaurant operations
  • Add-value opportunities through cross-marketing ideations
Below is a glimpse of our current projects:

BEI San Francisco

Together with BEI San Francisco, we have organised networking happy hours, health and wellness opportunities with BEI VITA, large corporate dinners and parties, organised concerts and movie screenings, installations incorporating art and technology - all in the heart of the SOMA district.

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